Selling Love Digitally

Selling Love Digitally
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With the advancement in technology, who thought it would involve love as a part of the digital asset. Yes, it’s possible now. Besides selling assets or buying them online through cryptographic money, anyone can now digitally tokenize their emotions and love through NFT art.

Let’s go into the details of NFT and the initiation of digitally crafting the love art.

What is an NFT?

Like cryptocurrency, blockchain has introduced a digital token, NFT, known as Non-Fungible Token. But it is a unique and non-replaceable token being introduced in the digital world compared to different cryptocurrencies. NFT can be of any form, a piece of art, a digital picture, or a video, or it can also be a music album or a digital recording.

Importance of NFT

NFT can also be a message or tweet, like the CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, sold his first tweet as an NFT at the cost of 2.9 million dollars. This shows that NFT has brought a great revolution and has a bright future. That’s why people are paying more heed to this and have started working on creating different NFT’s as it benefits both the seller and a buyer.

Here, we’ll discuss in detail another influencer, Marta Rental, who initiated an innovative thing by selling her love digitally.

Marti Renti: Owner of Crafting and Selling Digital Love

Marti Renti is a 26-year-old Polish Influencer of Poland with 654,000 Instagram followers. She also owns her website with the same digital name, martirenti. Her original name is Marta Rental, having a different personality from the online Marti Renti.

Marti set out a pace through NFT by creating the love art digitally. The most unique and innovative thing she introduced was selling her love through NFT worth $250,000. The buyer is anonymous with the world, but she confirmed that the buyer would have a dinner date with Marta once the transaction is completed.

She further elaborated that all this is a part of an online persona, from crafting digital love, selling it, and going on a date.

Marti Renti’s Digital Love

Marti crafted the real digital love from her DNA. She added that no one could ever imagine this was possible until I did it and sold love. She is the first woman who influenced and amazed the world by sharing emotions online through her Digital Love, a single DNA NFT.

According to Marti, every person needs a second half who would complete him through love and emotions. So, I created a single DNA NFT, and the one who buys will travel with me in a digital love galaxy and complete me digitally.

Drive Behind Selling her Love

The drive behind selling her online was her urge to do something unique and innovative, through which she can gain fame and be recognized forever. In short, we wanted to create history, and she did so.

She says, now you can buy all emotions by paying their worth. You can have a look at different NFTs on her web and also get other NFT Love Packages.

Wrapping up

In the end, she added another statement that this act is to empower other women not to compromise freedom over love and marrying a rich person. Rather try this digital love that is transactional and be independent in living a life. This is the power of digital NFT art, sell your creativity, beauty, or emotions and be free financially.