What is Metahero (HERO)?

What is Metahero (HERO)?
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If you glance about, you’ll see that technology is infiltrating more and more aspects of our lives daily. Games like Pokémon GO, for example, impose artificial pets on your environment, but you’ll need a phone to play. It only depends on time before we make the Matrix or Ready Player One worlds a reality. Metahero could be another step in that direction.

First, we’ll need to go over the Metaverse because it’s a big part of the Metahero project.

What is Metaverse?

You may have heard that Mark Zuckerberg renamed his firm Meta from Facebook. You may have seen his film on his vision for the Metaverse.

It could have been not easy to believe. After all, such concepts are only seen in films like those discussed previously. Nonetheless, firms such as Meta are determined to make it a reality.

Let us define the Metaverse as integrating virtual reality with the actual world. It’s as if you can go into the world of your favorite video games or movies.

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What is Metahero?

Metahero is an ultra HD 3D scanning technology that can create lifelike models of almost anything from people and animals to objects. It allows its users to build a 3D NFT non-fungible token (NFT) registered immediately on the blockchain.

Metahero offers users, gamers, artists, and entrepreneurs direct access to virtual opportunities of the future by emerging this powerful technology with a marketplace and a novel deflationary token-based ecosystem.

How Metahero works?

Metahero will work through Metascanning, through which users will be able to scan any objects and even themselves to create the avatars. The scanner consists of 3D mobile chambers, four cameras, and 16 moving stanchions to capture the image from every angle and perfectly synchronize.

As this is a new project launched in the first quarter of 2021, this will be spreading more, but for the initiative, they are planning to set their chambers in 12 cities worldwide. The first being in operation in Doha, Qatar.

To use, you need to download their Metahero app. They are designed for HEROs, which are available for both android and ios and have some HERO tokens in your wallet because that’s the currency you will be using in the Metahero app. So now, for the prices, Metahero will charge you $200 for a full-body scan.

Metahero also has aspirations to integrate with Visa, which would allow HERO holders to spend tokens on daily expenses.

What is HERO token?

HERO token was recently released in June 2021 on the binance smart chain (BSC). Hero token is the native asset of the Metahero that will give its users access to the Metahero ecosystem.

Metahero gives its user a chance through hero tokens to transact on the Metahero NFT marketplace, pay for royalties, or fund scans of their own.

HERO token is a deflationary token with a 0-10% fee on each transaction. 0-2% of each transaction is burned, which guarantees an ever-decreasing supply of HERO. You can create your 3D avatars and scan them to create a 3D non-fungible token (NFT) and use a hero token to make a transaction.

How to get HERO tokens?

Now onto the process of how you can get the HERO tokens in your wallet?

You can get the hero tokens by having a BNB token on BNB smart chain, and with these BNB tokens, you will buy the hero tokens on PancakeSwap. Quite a long and frictional process, but the Metahero app will provide the option to its users to convert from their local currencies into HERO in just a few clicks.

What’s new in Metahero?

Metahero is working with a non-fungible token (NFT) and gaming, but it’s the first crypto to be working with 3D scanners. With 3D scanners, it garners the users to create their avatar, and what is new with it?

Everyone will have a different unit even though everyone already has it.

In the future, people will enter themselves into their favorite games. Metahero is trying to build a bridge between the real and digital world. Soon, it will be a critical connection between physical and digital.

You can create your 3D avatars and scan them to create 3D non-fungible tokens (NFT), use the HERO token for making a transaction.

What are the downfalls of Metahero?

Getting HERO tokens or converting the local currency into the HEROs is quite a frictional process and time-consuming.

Besides that, the Metahero scanning chambers are only installed in 12 cities worldwide, and what if we are not living in any of these cities? We will not be able to use scanners. And if we pack and move to the city which already has installed scanner how long we will be able to stay there?

So, this process is also time taking and quite inconvenient.


Metahero is a newly launched crypto project on the binance smart chain (BSC). This new project combines the non-fungible token, 3D technology, and smart contracts by enabling the users to create 3d avatars of themselves, animals, and objects. You can create the avatars and ultra 3d images of yourselves by scanning with metascanner. They have the app called Metahero designed for HEROs, where you can scan the objects and create avatars, and it costs you the native assets of the App HERO tokens.

Metahero is a new technology within the blockchain and ultra HD scanners to create something entirely new, a connection between the physical and digital world.