What is Pulse Chain?

What is Pulse Chain?
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Pulse Chain is a brand new blockchain that is trending, and it is noticeable whether we can get into this or not, especially when we are talking about making money. When we talk about blockchain, we take an example of a metaphor of a piece of land or emerging cities having roadways, town halls, and different environmental factors. The roadways, in this case, are the blockchains that symbolize the blockchain, its governance, and everything that is running in it. Now consider the Ethereum blockchain that has only dirt roads. The reason for these dirt roads is that its slow, it’s hard to travel, and the speed is ultimately slow. This slow speed led to the discovery of other blockchains, including ADA, BTC, Bitcoin, and PolkaDot. We talk here about PULSE, which is another Blockchain, but in this case, these are not dirt roads; instead, they are super lane highways that allow a lot of speed—a lot of scalabilities. In terms of blockchain, we can see they allow super-fast transactions, and the gas prices are low. The main point of the pulse is that it is a direct copy and may also be called a fork. The fork is a copy, so people on the pulse copied the code of Ethereum, brought it to pulse, and fixed some of this stuff like the slowness of it and high gas fees. They fixed it. They are reducing the gas prices and increasing the speed.

Why invest in it?

The first thing you hit when you come to pulsechain.com is the sacrifice phase. The sacrifice is when you take your cryptocurrency and send it to a wallet and sacrifice it to them in hopes of trusting that they will then, in turn, pay you more in pulse coin or duplicate your money on a different network. So in this particular instance, for every dollar and 10 cents you sacrifice, whether in any coin like Ethereum, BTC, or Bitcoin, you will receive 10,000 PLS which is pulse the pulse ticker symbol. Every day you see that counter increases by 5%, which means the fees increased by 5%. On a one-dollar donation, you will get 10,000 pulses and a decrease of 5% every day. This will last for 12-14 days when the sacrifice phase will be over, and you open up this dApp, connect to this wallet, go into the network and select the network you are donating to. It may be sure that the stack you are donating to this coin or rather this address, and you can donate any of these coins and make sure that they are not from a centralized exchange. These should be from your private wallet, and never share these keys.

What is the purpose of sacrifice?

Now the question arises of why someone would do this. Why would anyone be sacrificing and sending their coins to any random address? How would someone trust this? The man behind all this is Richard Hart. Richard Hart is among the leading experts and a very influential voice in cryptocurrency. This person has been in the crypto world since a long time ago. He has his own YouTube channel. He is the inventor of HEX, an exchange that allows you to switch out. It has its coin, own ecosystem, and own tokenomics. He has made many people earn a lot of money and made them successful in the crypto world. So we can say that in the crypto world, he is super trustworthy. He started this fantastic pulse chain. They have raised 25 million dollars for medical research, which is incredible. So you should be investing, supporting, and sacrificing into a blockchain into the future of this blockchain. They will send you more pulse tokens and show you some Pulse Chain goals.

Goals of Pulse Chain

The goals include increasing Ethereum value, enriching Ethereum users, enriching NFT users, easy to use, lowering pulse chain fees, serving more users, and removing pollution. I think they are in a proof of stake system. They also explain in their disclaimer that you are sacrificing to prove how strong you believe that blockchains are speech, and you know the speech is a protected human right. This is an important political statement. It would be best if you had no exception of profit from the work of others—the set of people who have sacrificed their pulse to show their commitment.

Why use Pulse Chain

After all this explanation, it is easy to decide whether to get into this or not. However, it’s your choice to invest your money or not. But some of the reasons are that it is on the ground level, which means it is starting and is not in the market yet to invest in it. Secondly, it is a blockchain, so there is no problem in investing. The third is it is helping to speed up the Ethereum timeline. Ethereum wants to have zero gas fees and be super fast. They could do it in about 14 days. Seeing all these benefits, I would strongly suggest everyone take a chance once and get into this blockchain, which we would praise later. This will be seen growing in the coming future, and every one of us would be then willing to get into this once it has attracted the market with its extraordinary features. This pulse chain not only helps to grow but also provides various goals.

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