Crypto Coin vs. Token - Differences, and Examples

Crypto Coin vs. Token - Differences, and Examples
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In today’s world, crypto coins and tokens are no less than the actual medium of exchange. It has become an official way to earn money. There are many people who are still confused to tell the difference and importance among them, but these two have their own importance as the crypto coin is an easier way to earn digital money while the crypto token is like an asset or deed. Coins can be bought with tokens, but sometimes tokens are way more treasured than coins. Coins and tokens have an enormous effect on the market these days.

Now let’s take a look at its more explained definition with other important information and examples.

What is a crypto coin?

It is a digital asset that has its blockchain and forms a currency. There are many coins in the market these days like bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, etc. Crypto coin is like having your car, and you are responsible for its maintenance and gives you benefits in return.


Bitcoin is the most highlighted one in the market yet. In the past few years, it has earned its customers trust by giving those assistances like user autonomy, discretion, and peer-to-peer focus. Another example of it is Ethereum it is based on the decentralized blockchain. It mainly focuses on capricious program data than on monetary data.

Uses of crypto coin

Coins can be bought and used in the same way as we use money. We can also transfer and receive money by using them. We can also store them for a long time and swap them with other coins with higher market value. We can understand its use with examples of the coins mentioned above. It provides security as well. Because it is encoded in ciphertext, the passcode that converts it into plaintext is only available for sender and receiver.

Types of crypto coin


Bitcoin is one of the most famous coins. It has secured the number one position in the market. Bitcoin is used to transfer money for mobile payment, buy goods and services, and cost less for international transactions of fee. In BTC, we can also price things we buy according to the current market rates. It does not need an application to run. It is only used for financial purposes.

Other coins

Other coins like Ethereum Binance and Musicoin, etc., have more uses. Some are used to fuel transactions and gas transactions. Some coins permit the receivers to vote on an important decision for their networks. They are mainly used for monetary purposes.

What is a Token?

Some people take a token as a digital coin, but it is wrong; it has a major alteration. Tokens are formed on the already existing blockchain. They are different than digital assets. They are the subclasses of digital assets that exterminate the possibility of copying. The process of forming tokens and transferring them is called tokenization. Tokens serve an integral role in cryptocurrency.


Ether is an example of a token taken from the network of Ethereum, but some other tokens such as DAI LINK and COMP are also dependent on Ethereum. Binance and Musicoin are also tokens created for their networks. Payment and we can listen to different music tokens have sole use of buying goods and services. Utility tokens are to achieve more accomplishment of dApps. Equity tokens are not very common and are used for raising stocks in a company.


Tokens are a little more complex than coins. It is actually a case in which a person needs to spend their tokens to network’s miner to validate token transaction. It should be clear that every transaction of a token has some fees creators form tokens to use them with the decentralized application it is also used to initiate the features of application it exists for. Binance token has lesser fees. Tokens are used for protocol updates.


To understand its working better, let’s take an example Civic as a taken named CVC. CVC provides resourceful and an additional way to check identities if you are going somewhere on the checkpoints. You will receive a QR code so you can scan and check if you are there. By using the app, you can give your details easily; it is fully encrypted, so it provides security as well as reliability.

Tokens in practice

Ethereum has a token named Ether which works on its blockchain ether works as a fuel for payment in smart contracts. There are many dApps that process token providing smart contracts to fuel Ether.

Tokens are being used as items of the physical world. It has great significance in the physical world. Like a Ripple, token is like a joker card that can represent almost every value of cryptocurrency transfer.

We Power is similar to the Ripple token users can buy and sell these tokens with electricity on its blockchain.

Differences of crypto coins and tokens

Coins and Tokens may seem similar but have some difference which is listed as follows:

  • Coins have their blockchain, while tokens are formed on the existing blockchain.
  • Coins are for payment of cryptocurrency, while tokens have several uses.
  • Tokens are cheaper than coins.
  • Tokens of projects can be converted into coins; for example, Binance coin has become a coin with its own blockchain.
  • Coins are used for payment purposes, while the customers use tokens to activate features on decentralized applications.


To sum up the overall difference between crypto coins and tokens, they are not the same, but if we want to refer to both, we can say that these two are digital assets. Because coins are mainly used for payment while tokens are used for other purposes. After understanding the difference between coins and tokens, you will be able to process better in this business. You can overcome many deficiencies by just knowing a little difference that coin has a blockchain. In contrast, tokens are based on existing ones.