What is a MetaMask wallet?

What is a MetaMask wallet?
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MetaMask is a leading and popular cryptocurrency wallet. MetaMask is a software browser extension that makes interacting with Ethereum blockchain simple.

It makes interacting with the Ethereum blockchain and Dapps simple with a browser extension without having to download an entire blockchain on the device.

It is a key that connects you to new types of applications. It keeps your data and valuables safe and sound, and it provides safety from hackers.

MetaMask was founded in 2016 by Aaron Davis and the blockchain company ConsenSys.

It is a leading Ethereum wallet solution that makes decentralized exchanging and transactions much simpler. The wallet is adaptable with the most widely adopted Search Engines such as Chrome, Firefox, Brave, and Microsoft Edge. Apart from storing Ethereum’s native currency, ETH, MetaMask also carries tokens built on the protocol’s ERC-20 and ERC-721 standards.

How does it work?

MetaMask is a top crypto wallet because it is simple to use have a very small fee, and is also a shield that protects your data from hackers and data collectors. MetaMask is installed into your device like a regular plugin. Once installed, it allows users to store Ethers and other cryptocurrencies, make transactions, and exchange and spend their coins in games and other applications.

For the user to make transactions. It provides private keys that are accessible only by the users on their devices. So keys are the data, and the user needs to enter it on a browser extension to exchange or transact coins.

Metamask allows you to create multiple wallets with just a few clicks. It is useful if you want to store certain funds in different accounts. Another benefit that MetaMask provides is that they allow you to connect with other wallets. It makes importing other wallets simple, instead of transferring your coins and tokens to a different address and paying the fees. The user needs to add their mnemonic phrase and copy and paste your private key. Now you have that account on MetaMask.

Is MetaMask safe?

MetaMask app is very safe and trustworthy. MetaMask Company does not hold your public, private keys and wallet passwords. It is collected only locally on the device imported to. This makes MetaMask an offline software wallet that users turn on whenever they need it. The main vulnerability you might have is phishing attacks. This can be a case if you have several tabs open on your browser and unlock your MetaMask to make a transaction. The hacker can use the other open tabs to access the wallet’s password.

It can be a case for safety if your device has a virus that can access your keys and passwords, and that is the user’s fault for not using a safe device. Another way that someone can hack your MetaMask data is if you have installed a fake version of MetaMask that is designed to store your private keys so that hackers can access your funds.

What is the MetaMask fee?

MetaMask serves gas fee and gas limits for transactions and exchanges coins and tokens using their software and browser. When you do a transaction through MetaMask, a send option requires filling in the receiver’s ethereum address. You will add the amount you want to send and the gas fee you are willing to pay.

Gas fee is the cost of processing any transaction. The more you pay for the transaction, the faster will be the processing of your transaction. MetaMask provides their users with the option of gas fee such as faster, fast, and slow.

If you have set your gas fee for very low relative to the default of the MetaMask, it will be likely that your transaction will take too long to process.

It allows the users to set the gas fee and limit according to their likings provides freedom to its users. A function unavailable in other crypto wallets. Essentially, MetaMask makes money by taking out a small fee of selling, buying, and trading using their software.

Advantages of MetaMask

Firstly, Metamask has an easy setup. It is easy for beginners to proceed with. All you need to do is install the MetaMask extension, create an account, and start buying the ethers. Even for users with little cryptocurrency knowledge.

Secondly, Metamask is free to use. This is an advantage over the other options available for crypto-wallets.

Thirdly, the users have control of all their funds stored on the extension. It is beneficial for users who use hardware wallets such as ledger Nano S. as it stores private keys offline.

Fourthly, MetaMask is compatible with almost every dApps available, and it makes managing multiple currencies much easier. MetaMask wallets can be used to store Ether, tokens, and another form of crypto without any centralized exchange.

Other than that MetaMask wallets, you don’t need to install any additional software to access dApps. Overall having access through a simple, widely used browser is an advantage over the competitors out there.

Metamask has benefits over other crypto wallets in that there is no exchange fee. And it is probably the most impressive feature that all the currencies go straight to your wallet without having anything charged in between.

MetaMask provides its user to create their own account and even multiple accounts with just a few clicks.


MetaMask is a well-established browser extension cryptocurrency wallet that makes interacting with blockchains and transacting and exchanging with decentralized apps and decentralized exchanges easily accessible. MetaMask basically does all the coding and process that you have to do with just a few clicks. It can be accessed through browsers on computers and even mobiles.

In short, MetaMask is a software wallet that you can use while browsing the web and interact with decentralized applications. It can store multiple private keys and can work with other networks such as Ethereum. Also, MetaMask is free to download, free to use on computer and mobile, and safe.