Introduction of Digital Real Estates

Introduction of Digital Real Estates
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Introduction of Digital Real Estates

Digital real estate will be massive, and if you understand what is to come, you can potentially make a very lucrative investment opportunity. Surprisingly, when it comes to digital real estate, it’s nothing new. We have been living in a world of digital real estate for many years. Even when we speak about the metaverse in the future, we already live in a metaverse; however, it’s a 2D metaverse, but as technology improves, we will transform into a 3D metaverse that will be a lot more immersive, and this 3D metaverse and this world of virtual land digital real estate will be a hundred times larger than what we have today. It will be a thousand times larger than what we have today, maybe even more.

The most expensive Domain Names ever sold

Following are some of the most expensive domain names ever sold. These include for 345 million, for 90 million, and for 49 million dollars. People paid so much for these domain names because they believe that in the future, this is where people will live. This is where people will want to be because this is a form of digital real estate, an earlier version when it comes to domain names. There is no shortage of domain names. If I wanted, I could buy vacation rentals except not as a .com, so .com ended up being where people went to live, where people went to be. This domain name captures attention, but if I wanted vacation rentals, I could get vacationrentals. events for $14.99, vacationrentals. email for $5.99 and so on. But this is not where people live; they will not be in the future. This is why it is so cheap, and it’s no different when it comes to virtual land.

People will buy the land and pay a premium for land that they believe people will be using in the future that they will be living in in the future. So when it comes to digital real estate for the metaverse or virtual land for the metaverse. There is no shortage of land. If you are going to open sea and you explore and look through virtual worlds, you will see so many different virtual worlds and so many options for buying virtual land. But like the domain name, you might end up buying something that no one cares about in the future. So the simple goal, but to practice it’s a lot harder, is to buy virtual and digital real estate in a virtual world or a metaverse that you believe people will be living in in the future and you might be wondering. This sounds all crazy that; what would someone do with a virtual land? Why would they pay so much money for it, and it’s no different than what someone would do with physical land? When someone buys physical land, they look at the building; they look at the property, the area around it, the natural resources, and so on. Let’s say, for example, New York City. When someone buys land in New York City, it’s so expensive that this is where many people live there. There are businesses, there are restaurants, there are bars, there are companies, there are museums, and there are concerts and so on. Because of this, people pay a lot of money, and when it comes to these virtual worlds in the future, people will be paying a lot of money for these pieces of land. This is why virtual land is one of the biggest things that we’ll see in future marketing.

Similarity with Physical Real Estate

Digital real estate is more similar to physical commercial real estate than physical residential real estate. People will undoubtedly pay a massive amount of money for areas they believe people will live in and have fun in the future. That is where the eyes are; that is where the attention is. We already have a 2D metaverse and 3D metaverse launching on its way.

We have seen concerts in centralized worlds such as ROBLOX hosting a LIL NAS X event or a decentralized platform coming soon. SNOOP DOGG is hosting a private party in the SANDBOX.

SANDBOX is one of the more popular NFT virtual world projects at the moment, and this can change in the future, but at the moment, this is where a lot of eyes are, and they are partnered up with SNOOP DOGG, The WALKING DEAD, THE SMURFS, ATARI, and others. If you go to the SANDBOX map, you also see sandbox land. This land can be purchased on the SANDBOX marketplace or something like OPEN SEA, and you will notice that with some of these virtual land projects, you’ll be able to purchase them with Ethereum or with the project’s native token. For example, on SANDBOX or OPEN SEA, some items can be purchased with Ethereum others can be purchased with the SANDBOX token. In terms of getting a SANDBOX token or any token for that matter, you may use a centralized exchange or a decentralized exchange.

Know about Decentraland?

Another trendy metaverse project is Decentraland, one of the blockchain development trends of 2021. It has a closed source or maybe doesn’t have a lot of people working on them right now, a lot of developers. There is an exception, a notable exception. The sensulin has development activity on the levels of some powerful blockchain technologies like Stellar and Algorithm and the head of some of the most popular DeFi protocols like UniSwap and Compound.

When choosing about the land in the virtual world, it is essential to look at the project and the governance or the team of the developers behind it. It is necessary to predict the future of that project in the coming ten years.