What are Polygon Supernets?

What are Polygon Supernets?
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Polygon Technology, a company that builds Web3 infrastructure on Ethereum, has announced the launch of Polygon Supernet. The technology known as Supernet enables developers to create customized networks while also lowering the costs associated with the servers required to run those networks. Dedicated Web3 hosting presents an opportunity because, as the firm puts it, “Every Supernet is developed and run for a single application, project, or use case.”

The difficulties encountered by the customization blockchain stack known as Polygon Edge served as the inspiration for the development of Polygon Supernet. Polygon Edge enables developers to rapidly deploy Web3 applications on the blockchain network without compromising the network’s security or performance. Polygon Edge is a framework that can be modularized and extended to serve a broad variety of infrastructure solutions, ranging from sovereign and enterprise Ethereum Virtual Machine chains to Layer 2 solutions.

What exactly is the Supernets?

The aforementioned difficulties can be mitigated by utilizing supernets, which are a type of blockchain network that possesses several significant qualities. This will allow for the widespread adoption of Polygon and blockchain technology in general. The most crucial aspects of those traits are listed here.

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Main features of the Polygon Supernets

The Supernets are totally dedicated

Each and every Supernet is constructed and maintained for a particular application, project, or use case.

Protected by Polygon MATIC

Polygon is creating a “shared security” layer in the form of a MATIC-staked validator marketplace for Edge users who want to employ Proof of Stake as a security mechanism. This will let Edge users collaborate on the security of the network. Projects who decide to utilize this service will immediately gain access to a decentralized and trustworthy Proof of Stake validator set, allowing them to bypass the difficulties associated with first establishing a validator network.

Additionally, Polygon validators will stake MATIC and receive rewards in MATIC; hence, there is no work required from application or project teams in terms of validator incentivization and sustainability. Polygon validators will earn rewards in MATIC. With the help of this service, projects are able to reap the benefits of Proof of Stake security without having to devote any bandwidth or resources to the technology. Instead, they are free to concentrate entirely on their primary product and the accomplishment of their objectives. Although participation in this service is voluntary, given the many benefits it provides, we anticipate that it will have a significant demand.

Each supernet can communicate with ethereum and other supernets

Each Supernet is able to communicate with the other Supernets as well as the Ethereum mainnet in order to trade values and messages. This is something that can be accomplished via a variety of bridge implementations and integrations that Edge currently provides, as well as in the near future. In the long run, polygon developers are thinking about initiating a larger, more formal effort to design and establish a cross-chain communication protocol that will connect all of the Polygon networks and possibly even other networks that are part of the Ethereum ecosystem. This would allow for a seamless transfer of data between all of these networks.

Can be handled by Edge partners who have been certified

Launching, operating, maintaining, and upgrading a blockchain network are not simple activities. Application developers frequently lack the knowledge and capacity to launch, operate, manage, and upgrade blockchain networks in the manner in which they should. Edge Certified Partners is a group of certified development shops and teams that can help with or completely take over some or all of these operations. This will allow the application or project team to focus on what they know and are good at doing the most. To help mitigate this challenge, polygon is introducing Edge Certified Partners.

Can utilize any scaling architecture

Keeping the above information in mind, it is essential to emphasize that all of the “blockchain Legos,” also known as the architectural choices made available by Polygon Edge, will continue to be accessible via Supernets. The development of Supernets is only making it simpler to deploy and operate each of them individually.

In addition, any Supernet has the ability to alter the architecture that lies behind it at any time. For instance, a Supernet might choose to launch operations as a sovereign Proof of Authority network, later transition to Proof of Stake, and then finally launch operations as a full-fledged Layer 2 network. Polygon Edge already provides the capability to easily upgrade from Proof of Authority to Proof of Stake, and the same will be provided for Layer 2 solutions in the near future.

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